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John Salin

President of Seacoast
ShearWater Development, LLC

John has over 40 years experience in commercial and residential real estate, serving as development vice president for most of his career at both Federated Realty in Cincinnati and The Bush Companies in northern Virginia. Almost all projects included the necessary permitting experiences with various state and federal agencies of the EPA for sensitive wetlands mitigations, DOT for curb cut and traffic geometry, and municipalities for their planning, zoning and building compliances, as well as wetlands and traffic approvals.

Melinda Driscoll

Vice President of Seacoast
ShearWater Development, LLC

Melinda has 14 years combined experience in construction marketing and project development.  She has worked for successful New Hampshire companies that built myriad commercial, retail and multi-use projects and more recently has become involved in the development side of the industry as a partner in Seacoast ShearWater Development, LLC. In addition, her resumé includes start-up company organization and department reorganization for several service, manufacturing and distribution corporations in California and New Hampshire.

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